Six Undeniable Reasons Why Moving to Greenville is Better Than Anywhere Else

Six Undeniable Reasons Why Moving to Greenville is Better Than Anywhere Else

Scouting out the best place to move you and your family in the United States? If you are at all interested in calling South Carolina your new home, then Greenville may be just the town you are looking for.

1. Greenville is an Actually Green

It’s right in the name. Greenville is about as green as you might expect. For anyone familiar with the hustle and bustle of overcrowded city life, the smaller town feel that Greenville exhibits is a breath of fresh air – literally! There is an abundance of lush green foliage scattered throughout the city and especially in the surrounding areas. Anyone who wants to maintain a bit of nature while living the city life will be able to appreciate this little fact. For the best of Greenville’s greenery, hop on the scenic Swamp Rabbit Trail, a local’s favorite for walking, jogging, and cycling.

2. Unbeatable Seasons

The fabulous weather in Greenville is incomparable. There’s so much to do in Greenville on its sunnier days in the Summer and Spring. Biking, boating, and hiking are usual practice in Greenville due to its wonderfully balanced weather and accessibility to mountains and lakes. For other ideas on how to spend sunny days in Greenville, check out the “things to do” section of this article on moving to Greenville SC.

3. Artistic Representation

While Greenville is no Hollywood, it still possesses quite a rich cultural heritage to draw from in terms of creative expression. The Peace Center is one of the main places where you can go to enjoy (or involve yourself in) Broadway series performances that will leave you with something to remember. Additionally, the Bon Secours Arena frequently hosts musical acts and events from Michael Buble to Sesame Street Live.

4. Location, Location

Greenville sits in the Blue Ridge Mountains foothills, which places the city at the halfway point between North Carolina, Atlanta, and Charlotte. What this means for those who live there is easy access to these places. Should you need to perform any amount of business out of town or take a pleasure cruise out of state for a weekend, it’s achievable. If you have family or close friends who live nearby these areas, then you’re only a hop, skip, and jump away from them. Greenville boasts a big thumbs up by Forbes Magazine, which named Greenville as the place to be for one of the best downtown locales in the US.

5. Best Southern Food Around

Greenville is renowned all across the greater South Carolina area for its delicious southern confectioneries. As you might expect from traditionally prepared southern food, many of the tasty delights sold in Greenville’s locally owned and operated restaurants are made from scratch using locally sourced produce. It ensures that you are getting your money’s worth of freshness in your experience, for those who like to eat out. No foodie could be disappointed with a hearty and authentic meal that tastes like it was homemade. Even if you are buying from one of the local grocery outlets, you can always expect some of the freshest produce to work in your private kitchen.

6. Rich Cultural History

The historical background of Greenville is one of the most significant reasons why so many tourists are attracted to the area during the warmer months. You can take some tours if you would like to have all of the main historical hot spots pointed out to you. For the more adventurous types, you might have more fun exploring the city piece by piece while you live there or take a short trip to check out the place before moving.

Why Our Family Left Portland to Move to Greenville, SC

Why Our Family Left Portland to Move to Greenville, SC

The move to Greenville from Portland has been the best choice we have made as a family. There are many things for each member of our family to do. Living here, we are also close to the mountains, lakes, and just hours from the beach. The best part is the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and stress-free lifestyle. Are you considering making the transition to Greenville? Here are some things to know about before you move:

Movers & Your Moving Budget

Yes, a move to the other side of the country can get expensive! In addition to movers, there are other expenses that may not immediately come to mind. Be sure to create a budget that includes everything you think you might need to shell out cash for during your relocation. For example, common moving expenses include a professional moving company or truck rental, moving supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper), storage (if your place isn’t immediately ready for move-in), utility and rent deposits, cost of the road trip (hotels, food, gas money), price of shipping your car, etc. Because we didn’t want to deal with the logistical nightmare of driving two cars and a rental truck 2700 miles, we opted to go with budget cross country moving services in Portland. These movers helped us finish packing and handled the long-distance drive, delivering everything to our front door in Greenville. In my opinion, this moving service was worth every penny!

Cost of Living

Portland has offered many things to us as a family. There is a difference in what we have found in Greenville, however. For one, the cost of living is different. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Portland rents for more than $1,500 per month close to the center of the city. In Greenville, the average studio apartment is just over five hundred dollars per month.

There is more to it than just a comparison in rent, though. For the most part, the cost of living is a little less than the national average. 

Things to Do

Greenville is more than just tree-lined streets and the relaxed culture of the south. It is a small city with a definite laid-back feel. There is nothing cookie-cutter about the charming downtown district. 

We are close to museums, the zoo, restaurants, and cultural events. There is even a gorgeous waterfall at Falls Park along the Reedy River in the middle of town.

Outdoor Living

With local land features all around, Greenville is the perfect choice for my active family. No matter what time of year it is, there is always something to do. In the winter, we can go ice skating downtown. 

The warmer months mean picnics at Cleveland Park or a walk along Reedy River. Greenville features over three dozen parks across more than five hundred acres inside the city.

Greenville prides itself on being “Bike Town,” and that is another excellent fit for my bicycle-loving family. We love the long trail that courses around Reedy River. The Swamp Rabbit trail stretches over 21 miles. We can even rent bikes for the day if we do not feel like hauling our own around.


Greenville is a terrific place for food lovers of all kinds. There are bakeries, quaint cafes, and diverse restaurants. There is something for every palate. Barbecue, fish tacos, and southern classics offer something for everyone.

Festivals and Events

Each May Greenville hosts Artisphere, a three-day-long festival that features local artists and exhibiting their wares. Besides, there are special hands-on events for the kids and a variety of performances.

Later in the middle of summer, another festival called Euphoria brings together the best in food, wine, and entertainment for one fantastic weekend. Another great perk for us is the fact that the proceeds from this festival go to support several local charities.

Deciding to relocate my family from the west coast to the east coast might seem like a dramatic move. For us, however, it was all about adding quality to our lives. For my family, that meant finding a new pace to life in Greenville, South Carolina.