What to Know When Shipping Your Car Cross Country

What to Know When Shipping Your Car Cross Country

Shipping your vehicle is essential for anybody looking to move across the country. There are important things to know that will make the process smoother and more enjoyable for everybody involved. By following these steps, you can prepare yourself for any situation that might occur.

1. Long shipping times

Even in this day and age, it takes a while to ship your car across the country. If it does not arrive at the start of the expected period, do not fret. The number of lost vehicles over the past decade is meager. There may be complications due to weather or traffic when transporting the car between states, and these accidents can add a few days to the travel time. If things drag out, you can always contact the moving company for information on the status of the vehicle and how it is coming along. Shipping times can range from one to two weeks depending on the size and distance of travel.

2. Safety

Shipping your car across the country is extremely safe. Your car is a minimal risk of getting into an accident or getting dents on its sides. Long distance mover, Moving Mule, says that most car shipping companies offer both enclosed and open air trailers for shipping. While the open air option is cheaper, it leaves vehicles exposed to the elements. Shipping via an enclosed trailer is the safer, but more expensive option. Either way, your car has a good chance of getting to its destination without dings or scratches.

3. Car model

The model of your vehicle plays a factor when shipping your car across the country. Depending on the manufacturer, it might be stored with similar vehicles. This is a terrific method of organization, and it guarantees that your car is placed in the right spot. When it comes time to unload the vehicles, it will be transported systematically.

4. Fill out paperwork

When shipping your car across the country, it is very important that you fill out all the necessary paperwork. If you fail to do so, it is a liability for both you and the transport company. In the case of an emergency, personnel won’t have a contact number, and they won’t be able to notify you of the incident. It is best to fill these forms out and save a hard copy for yourself. This way, you have insurance for even the worst case scenario.

5. Choose smart destinations

While you can ship your car to nearly any city, it is best to choose a metropolitan area for the best results. There will be more car service providers, and they can receive the vehicle in top shape. Smaller towns might not have the same services, so the wait could potentially be longer. It will save you time and money.

Car owners should not be hesitant about shipping their cars across the country. Cars are extremely valuable, but they are handled with care along the way. You can take your ride to the other half of the United States and continue your road trip from there.